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Garage door springs are commonly seen in many residential areas and are extremely useful for any garage door. Since they are in tremendous tension when used, failure of these springs may cause serious injuries and accidents. Newtown Garage Doors services come in handy due to highly trained technicians who can help you with repairs of broken springs.

These garage door springs come in different lengths to accommodate various doors from single garage doors to multiple garage doors. Torsion springs are generally used for roll-always garage doors, whereas extension springs are used in swing-up types of garage doors.

Newtown Garage Doors technicians provide repairs for both types of springs – torsion and extension. Call Newtown Garage Doors today at 203-896-8790 to make your garage safe.

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The technician who came out to repair my garage door was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. He was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and at a fair price.
Melanie Tyler
Newtown, CT

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